Office of Student Life

Summer Conference Housing

Policies and Procedures

Summer Conference Housing is committed to providing a pleasant and safe environment for all visitors staying in our residence halls and using our facilities during the summer.  To this end, we expect that students and guests of the university abide by all university and residence hall policies and regulations while on campus.  We are pleased that you chose to hold your conference with us and hope that these policies will allow your group (whether it be a youth or adult conference) to have a successful, productive, and enjoyable experience. 

If at any time before, during, or after your stay, you have any questions of any kind, please do not hesitate to contact our staff.  At any time throughout the year, we can be contacted at (614) 292-9725.  During the summer, you can reach us 24 hours a day, seven days a week at this number. 

Additional information on Summer Conference Housing’s rates and policies can be found at

For general information about The Ohio State University, please visit

Residence Halls

Safety, Security and Residence Hall Etiquette

  • For the safety of our guests, each residence hall is equipped with an Early Fire Detection and Warning System.  Should the general alarm sound on your floor, please vacate the building immediately, using the nearest stairwell.  Do not use the elevators when the general alarm sounds.  Please remain outside the building and follow the instructions of the staff members present.  Do not attempt to re-enter the building until you are told to do so.
  • If the smoke detector in your room sounds due to smoke or a fire, vacate your room, close the door, pull the red general fire alarm located in the hallway, and vacate the building immediately via the closest stairwell.
  • Should the smoke detector in your room sound and it is evident that there is no fire in your room, contact the Summer Conference Housing office at (614) 292-9725 and inform the staff.  A staff member will respond to reset the system and assure proper functioning of the equipment.
  • Pulling a fire alarm without just cause, tampering with the smoke detection systems, or false reporting of an emergency to the police/fire department is prohibited and is reason for dismissal from the residence hall.
  • It should be noted that our Early Detection and Warning System is designed to provide early warning to our guests in the event of a fire.  Please heed the early warning and follow the steps as outlined above for your own safety and protection.
  • Unauthorized use of, tampering with, or damaging of emergency safety equipment is also prohibited and is punishable under the Ohio Revised Code.  Any repair costs will be charged to the responsible person(s) or group(s).
  • Overloading or tampering with elevator equipment, including but not limited to prying open elevator doors and misuse of the panel inside the elevator is prohibited without exception.  A good rule of thumb is to limit any elevator to no more than 8 people at a time.  If an overloaded elevator gets stuck after normal working hours, it takes at least an hour for emergency maintenance to arrive.  This is also very expensive (at least $155.00 per call).  Please stress to all participants the importance of not overloading the elevators.
  • Objects may not be thrown in the hallways, student rooms, public areas, or from windows.
  • Furniture, blankets and towels may not be removed from guest rooms for any reason.  Beds, mattresses and desks may not be moved within the room itself without the permission of the Summer Conference Housing Staff. 
  • Any remaining towels or linen should be left in the room when preparing to check out.  The cost of replacing any missing articles will be charged to the appropriate conference.  Anyone needing fresh towels or linen during their stay should exchange their used items at the Summer Conference Housing Front Desk.
  • Any damages and/or excessive cleaning needs recognized by Summer Conference Housing, Housekeeping and Maintenance will be documented and charged to the appropriate conference, regardless of their chosen payment method (Invoice or Cash).  That conference is then responsible for forwarding these charges to the appropriate guest at their own discretion.
  • For security reasons, it is important that guests keep their room key with them at all times.  Guests should always lock their door when they are either out of the room or when they are sleeping.  Also, it is very important to note that if a key is lost or reported missing either during the conference or at check-out and it is not recovered within 48 hours, a charge of $150.00 will be assessed to cover the cost of cutting new keys and replacing the lock.  Missing Hotel tags are charged at a rate of $15.00 per card. 
  • Please advise guests to not leave room keys and other valuables out in plain view while their door is open. 
  • The Ohio State University does not assume responsibility for any loss of money or valuables, or for the loss of or damage to property, or injuries, personal or otherwise, sustained on or about the Summer Conference Housing and Dining Services premises. 

Due to the Ohio State University being located in an urban environment, we also recommend the following to our guests:

  • When you leave the building, please let someone else know where you are going, who you are going with, and when you plan on returning.
  • Do not go out alone on campus at night.
  • Do not leave campus without the permission of your group leader.
  • Do not prop any exterior doors open.
  • Do not open or hold an entrance door open for anyone you don't recognize as a university guest. (Does not have proper credentials, keys, access cards, etc.)

In addition:

  • All residence hall entrances will remain locked at all times.  Guests are asked to report any suspicious persons to the Summer Conference Housing Front Desk immediately.
  • Excessive noise from stereos or televisions or from yelling either inside the residence halls or outside the windows is not permitted.  All guests will be expected to be considerate of others 24 hours a day, but quiet hours will begin at 10:00 PM each night.
  • Conference guests are NOT permitted to consume alcoholic beverages in the residence halls.
  • The Ohio State University is now tobacco free.  Effective January 1st, 2014, the use of all types of tobacco products is prohibited in all university buildings and on all university-owned properties, including parking lots, garages, and all outside areas.
  • All guests are expected to respect the rights of other guests and individuals at all times.  Any behavior that might disturb others in the residence halls is not permitted.
  • Littering of any kind, either indoors or outdoors, is prohibited.
  • All camps or conferences with minor participants must comply with a minimum ratio of 1 live-in counselor for every 10 participants.  A minimum of 2 counselors is required.
  • Residence Hall Rooms


  • In order for reservations to be guaranteed, a signed confirmation agreement must be received prior to the arrival date of the conference.  Please see your agreement form for details.
  • All guests may check-in at after 3:00 PM and must check-out by 11:00 AM.  Exceptions are possible, but must be coordinated well in advance.  Please contact Summer Conference Housing directly to verify early check-in/late check-out availability and to coordinate these accommodations for your specific event.
  • Every attempt will be made to house your group together, however, due to space limitations, this cannot be guaranteed.  Summer Conference Housing is unable to make specific building assignments without a current listing of conference attendees.  Once that is provided, more accurate building placement of conferences can be made.  Therefore, specific building assignments will not be provided until listings are received.


  • Before guests leave their room to check-out, please advise them to pick-up any trash or items needing disposed of.  These items can either be placed in the trash can located in their room or in their building’s dumpster on the exterior of the building.
  • All dresser drawers and cabinet shelves should be checked for personal items.
  • Linen and towels should be collected and placed on their respective beds.  Blankets and pillows can be separated and placed on the shelves located in each bedroom.
  • Unless another check-out time has been previously negotiated, keys must be returned to the Conference Front Desk by 11:00 AM.  Meal cards do not need to be returned, since they are deprogrammed following your check-out


Dining Halls

The traditional dining halls (Scott Traditions & Kennedy Traditions) are cafeteria style and offer two entrees per meal along with assorted sides, beverages, and a full salad bar. Since many different groups use the dining facilities at similar times, we strongly suggest that groups of 80 or more stagger or divide their participants into at least two or three shifts. For those much higher than 80, as much as 1/2 hour per group is recommended. This will help to decrease the amount of time your participants must wait in line to eat.

Each participant of your group will receive a pre-programmed meal card upon your request. If a guest should lose their meal card, replacements are available at the Summer Conference Housing office. The BuckID office may be found on the web at

  • Food other than that posted in the dining halls and utensils must not be removed from the dining area. If you have any questions as to the appropriateness of what food may be carried out, please ask dining hall personnel.
  • Beverage containers of any kind may not be brought into the dining halls.
  • Ice is not available for outside usage and is provided only for dining guests for during their meals.
  • Throwing of food, drinks, or other objects is not permitted.
  • Radios may not be played in the dining halls.
  • Shirt and shoes must be worn at all times while in the dining halls.

Dining in the Residence Halls

Dining in Student Life's residence halls and on its grounds is limited to catered meals with our exclusive vendor, University Catering (  The lone exception to this policy is with food service provided by pizza vendors with liability insurance.  In either case, all beverages provided must be Coca-Cola products (see below).

Group Responsibilities: Group Sponsors, Leaders and Supervisors

The university staff or external organization responsible for bringing a group to campus is responsible for:

  • Obtaining a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and an Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCI) criminal record check for live-in counselors, group leaders and supervisors through a law enforcement agency or other entity approved to process background checks by the Office of the Ohio Attorney General for all live-in counselors, group leaders and supervisors. All live-in counselors, group leaders and supervisors must be background checked within 12 months prior to your event taking place. Summer Conference Housing reserves the right to request a copy of an individual’s background check results, and the university staff or external organization responsible for bringing a group to campus is responsible for obtaining authorization to release background check results to Summer Conference Housing.
  • Prohibiting any live-in counselor, group leader, or supervisor who has been convicted of any of the offenses listed in ORC 3319.39(B)or who is a registered sex offender from attending the event.
  • Prohibiting any individual affiliated with the event that the university staff or external organization knows or has reason to believe presents a risk to the health or safety of event attendees or University students, employees, or visitors.
  • Providing appropriate information, training materials and/or activities for group leaders and supervisors.  Training activities and materials should address:
    • Basic responsibilities.
    • Safety and Security (if the event will include minors, training should include information about recognizing signs of, preventing and reporting physical, emotional and sexual abuse and neglect).
    • Setting and enforcing behavioral expectations (i.e., appropriate behavior in the residence halls, dining areas, public areas, curfews, etc.).
    • Reporting/communication expectations.
    • Emergency procedures and contacts, including public safety and University Police.
  • Maintaining a staffing plan, to include supervisor duty schedules.
  • Helping with planning and problem resolution.

Minor Guest Attendance in Adult-Oriented Events

Due to the lack of oversight and background check mandate, minor guests are not permitted to stay in residence hall accommodations meant for adult-oriented events.  Guests seeking child-friendly accommodations during their adult-oriented event are welcome to coordinate housing through the Blackwell Inn ( on-campus or at an off-campus hotel nearby.

Phones, Voicemail, Cable TV & Internet Services

  • Landline Phone and Voicemail services are not available in the residence halls during the summer. 
  • Wireless internet service is typically available in the residence halls, but due to maintenance schedules, is not guaranteed.  Guests will access the WiFi@OSU network, which does not require any form of authentication.
  • Wired Ethernet internet access is only available to guests with university credentials, such as students, faculty and staff.
  • Cable TV service in Ohio State’s older residence halls only requires a coaxial cable (guest provided) to access it.
  • Cable TV service in Ohio State’s new residence halls requires a streaming device (guest provided).  Without a streaming device, guests cannot access Cable TV in these facilities.

Guest Mail

Post-marked letters should be directed to the US Postal Service via:

[Your Name] c/o OSU Summer Conference Housing
PO Box 3756
Columbus, OH 43210

Packages delivered by UPS, FedEx and DHL should be directed to:

[Your Name] c/o OSU Summer Conference Housing
Blackburn Victory Room Desk, Rm. 180
136 W. Woodruff Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210

Recreation Facilities

For your convenience, guest passes are available to purchase for Student Life Recreational facilities during your conference.  More information about the RPAC, ARC and Jesse Owens Centers can be accessed on the web at  In addition to these indoor facilities that require guest passes, outdoor basketball, tennis and volleyball courts are also available for your use at no charge.  Please note that our office does not provide any equipment for these facilities.

Camp Stores

All camp stores must provide a vendor’s license to the Summer Conference Housing Office 30 days prior to arrival.  Camp Stores are prohibited from selling any food items with or without a license.  A list of merchandise must be included with the vendor’s license.

Coca-Cola Contract with OSU and Guest Service

The Ohio State University has an exclusive contract with Coca-Cola, so any events sponsored by Summer Conference Housing may only serve Coke products, with the exception of milk, flavored milk, hot chocolate, non-branded juice freshly squeezed on-site, hot coffee, hot tea and tap water.

Some common Coca-Cola products include:

  • Energy Drinks: Full Throttle, TaB Energy
  • Juice: Fruitopia, Fuze, Hi-C, Minute Maid, Odwalla, Simply (Apple, Grapefruit, etc.)
  • Soft Drinks: Barq's, Citra, Coca-Cola, Fanta, Fresca, Mello Yello, Pibb Xtra, Seagram's, Sprite, Surge, TaB, Vault
  • Sports Drinks: Powerade
  • Tea/Coffee: Caribou Iced Coffee, Enviga, Gold Peak, Nestea, Honest Tea
  • Water: Aquarius Tea!, Dasani, Glaceau Smartwater, Glaceau Vitaminwater

Emergency Contact Info

  • Campus Police and Medical Emergencies – 911
  • Non-Emergency Police – (614) 292-2121
  • Summer Conference Housing Front Desk – (614) 292-9725
  • Columbus Fire Dept. – (614) 221-2345
  • Emergency Room – (614) 293-8333
  • Service2Facilities Help Desk – (614) 292-4357
  • OSU Lost & Found – (614) 292-1415
  • OSU Help Line – (614) 292-6446