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Check In F.A.Q.s

Dining F.A.Q.s

General F.A.Q.s

Mail F.A.Q.s


Check In F.A.Q.s

Question: When can I check in?

After 3:00 pm on your scheduled day of arrival. In order to adequately prepare your room for your arrival, we ask that you do not attempt to check-in earlier than this time.


Question: Where do I check in?

Programs may contract to check-in at specific locations throughout campus, however, Summer Conference Housing's main desk in Smith-Steeb is the primary check-in location.

80 W. 11th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210


Dining F.A.Q.s

Question: What is the dining guarantee and how does it affect my bill?

The dining guarantee is a guaranteed count by meal that is used by Dining Services as the basis for making final arrangements for each program. Dining Services uses this number to determine the quantity of food that should be prepared for each meal as well as scheduling of labor in the commons. The final bill will be based on the guaranteed number of meals or actual number of guests; whichever is higher.


Question: Where do I eat while I am here?

Most participants will eat in Traditions at Scott on North Campus or Traditions at Kennedy on South Campus.


General F.A.Q.s

Question: Are phones provided in each room?

Due to the popularity of cell phones amongst our guests, OSU has opted to remove the phones from our residence halls.


Question: Can my guests bring their computers and connect to the internet in their rooms?

Guests may use the university's "WiFI@OSU" wireless network, which does not require a username, password or authentication.


Question: I am checking out at 11:00 am, but my flight doesn't leave until the evening. Can I leave my luggage at your office during the day?

Please let our office know if you would like to store your luggage and we will make arrangements for this service.


Question: I want to bring my group here. How do I start the planning process?

You may begin by submitting our online request for by clicking the Conference Request form link in the main menu. You may also contact our staff, either by phone or e-mail. Please provide basic information, such as number of guests, their ages, proposed dates, preferred housing accommodations, and additional needs (such as facilities, catering, and dining). From this information, we will review our available space to determine if we have the ability to host your group. If we do, one of our staff members will walk you through the planning process.


Question: If I'm driving to the University, where can I park?

Guests may park in "C" lots and in parking garages throughout campus.  Additional information on purchasing a parking pass from CampusParc can be found:


Question: My flight got delayed, so I won't be arriving to check-in until late at night. How late can I pick up my keys?

Our office is open twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. You can check-in at any time after 3:00 pm on your scheduled day of arrival.


Question: What dates can I bring my event to The Ohio State University and utilize housing in the residence halls?

Summer Conference Housing operations traditionally run from run from the third week of May through the second to last week of July.  For 2018, our season will take place between Sunday, May 13th at 7:00am through Saturday, July 21st at 3:00pm.


Question: What is the housing deposit?

Non-university groups are required to pay a 50% deposit of their estimated housing and meals charges. This deposit amount will appear in your contract and is due 30 days from the date of your arrival on campus. University groups must provide Summer Conference Housing with an eRequest in lieu of a deposit.


Question: What time do I have to vacate my room on the last day of my conference?

Checkout time is at 11:00 am. We ask that you return your keys by this time so we can adequately prepare the space for the next conference that will use it. Please note that you may be charged for an additional night if you fail to return your keys by 11:00 am.


Question: What types of guarantees do I have to submit?

There are two guarantee deadlines. At one month prior to the start date of your program, you will submit a housing estimate, based upon the most accurate information you have at that point. The accuracy of this information is critical, as it determines the number of beds prepared for your program and the specific housing location they receive. At the one-week mark, you will then submit a final housing guarantee, roster of participants and final dining guarantee. The one-week guarantees are binding and program billing will be based upon the guaranteed numbers or the actual numbers, whichever is higher.


Question: When will I receive my final invoice for my program?

You will receive your final invoice within one week of the departure of the program. The final bill amount is due within one month of the billing date.


Question: Why does it cost so much to replace a lock?

The safety of our guests is of great importance to us. For this reason, when a key is missing, the corresponding lock is removed, destroyed, and replaced with a new lock. All additional keys to the lock are destroyed and new keys are cut.


Mail F.A.Q.s

Question: How do I get my mail?

All mail is delivered to the Summer Conference Housing main desk. When you receive mail, a staff member will notify you by placing a notice on your door. You may stop by our office twenty-four hours a day to pick up your mail.



What about packages that can't be delivered to a P.O. Box?

Packages and mail that cannot be delivered to a P.O. Box (UPS, FedEx & DHL, for example) should be addressed to:

Your Name
Your Conference's Name
Smith-Steeb Front Desk
80 W. 11th Ave.
Columbus, OH 43210


Question: What will my mailing address be while I am staying at The Ohio State University?

Mail should be addressed to:

Your Name
Your Conference's Name
P.O. Box 3756
Columbus, OH 43210